Wednesday 9-6-17: Project Cars Award, The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game, And Fight of Gods

Wednesday 9-6-17

While there wasn’t much happening in terms of newsworthy content, what news there was was certainly more interesting than normal. Project Cars won “Best Game Simulation”, The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game Kickstarter went live, and a theism based fighting game released recently. Continue reading “Wednesday 9-6-17: Project Cars Award, The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game, And Fight of Gods”

Tuesday 9-5-17: Sonic DRM, Sales Milestones, Manuals, GDQ, and Lootboxes

Tuesday 9-5-17

There is a fair bit of news today. I had a hard time whittling it down to only a few. So enjoy a bit more news this time. The details of each can be found farther down, as usual.

Sonic Mania’s Denuvo DRM for PC has already been cracked
PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds hit 10 million sales
Skullgirls hit 1 million sales
the Game Done Quick Charity event is over
Nintendo has posted the manual for StarFox 2
EVE: Valkeries will be getting loot boxes

Sonic Mania’s Denuvo DRM is cracked
Its been 8 days since the highly anticipated Sonic Mania was released on PC. When it was discovered that the DRM software “Denuvo” was implemented in the game without word or warning from SEGA, many fans were upset. Denuvo has a generally negative light to the gaming community for causing complications with the games it was implemented on. Now its been cracked, and DRM free copies of Sonic Mania are found online. Whether or not SEGA will decide to remove Denuvo now that its been broken, like other developers have done in the past, is unknown for now.
StarFox 2 gets an online manual by Nintendo
Originally meant to release in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the already completed game was cancelled in favor for their upcoming hardware, The Nintendo 64. Up until now, the game was lost to legend. Earlier this year when Nintendo release the SNES classic, a miniature SNES emulator device with a large number of games, StarFox 2 was added to that list. This made its “official’ release date September 29, 2017. To add to the revitalized respect for the game. Nintendo has posted an online game manual for Starfox 2. Listing Story, Characters, and such. You can see the manual for yourself HERE.
PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds hits 10 million copies sold
The information is in the title really. Having released in March of this year, PUBG has become the best selling game of 2017. The 10mil mark was announced via their twitter this morning

SkullGirls hits 1 million mark on Steam
It seems unfair to post this literally right next to PUBG’s milestone. Its still an impressive accomplishment for the developers. A 2D fighting game boasting their high quality hand drawn animations, unique mechanics, and moving music. Skullgirls has hit 1 million copies sold on Steam as of Sunday. As posted by Mike Zaimont, Development head.

GameDoneQuick Raises 227 thousand dollars for Harvey Relief
After Hurricane Harvey, the GDQ guys quickly (heh) organized a fundraiser event to help aid in the relief for the victims. Having concluded Sunday evening, $227,876.53 was raised overall. All proceeds are going to the Huston Food Bank. While the even has ended, they are still accepting donations for this effort until this Friday. A wonderfully kind and last minute act. You can check them out at
EVE: Valkyries to implement Loot Boxes
The popular VR based Sci fi dog fighting game EVE: Valkyries will be joining the recent trend of loot boxes. Based on how frequently the player wins a match they will receive a reward capsule, containing 2 to 4 items ranging from customization options for your ship or your pilot to XP boosts to currency. All with varying degrees of rarity. How this will tie in with the current customization system is unclear. Personally, I am uneasy for this transition due to my own dissatisfaction with the concept of random chance rewards. Time will tell.

That concludes today’s news. This made up for yesterday’s smaller day. If you think you have an in to some upcoming information, please contact me via my Contact page, and it may get added to the next day’s Daily Update. Until Tomorrow!

Monday 9-4-17: Secret of Mana Gameplay, Xbox price cuts, and Mario Odyssey Amiibos

Monday 9-4-17

I apologize for lacking any posts over the weekend, I was as busy as I could be. As for this week, Its started out mildly so far. The Secret of Mana 3D remake has had some gameplay footage released, Xbox is dropping their prices, and the Super Mario Amiibos. More below.

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Thursday 8-31-17: Jackbox, Bungie Bonus, Digital Extremes, and ChuckleWitch

Thursday 8-31-17

That’s not a typo in the title. Today Jackbox Party Pack 4 was announced, Bungie is offering Destiny 2 bonus content to hurricane Harvey relief supporters, Digital Extremes announces a new game, and Chucklefish reveal a new game. Find out more about all of these fascinating things below!
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