No Mans Sky Updates and Nick Robinson Apologizes

This is a quick Friday morning update. No bells and whistles, just some news.

No Man’s Sky Update

No Man’s Sky has updated to 1.3 in commemoration for their release date anniversary. The “Atlas Rises” update contains some new features and some refining of the previous ones.
Examples include

  • New Low Flight mode on planets
  • portals and crashed freighters as discover able scenes on planets
  • more environment varieties
  • Solar systems having more complex economics
  • New lengthy story
  • UI changes
  • Partial Multiplayer
  • More stuff I forgot

You can check out their official YouTube video about all the changes here.

Nick Robinson Apologizes

About a week ago, popular Polygon employee and YouTube personality was accused of sexual harassment to other via Twitter direct messages. Polygon made a statement that the matter was being taken care of internally, and has been silent since. Last night Nick Robinson posted a long form apology on Twitter as an image. In summary, he states that twitter has been a primary communication aspect for a long time in his life, that he did not realize how he had developed a position of power, and how that might have an impact on his behavior or perception by others. You can read the full apology here.

There has not been any word on whether his position as video producer for Polygon will remain or be terminated. The Polygon YouTube has not uploaded any content since the original accusation, though this may soon change.