Leaks of Fallout 4 for PlayStation VR are appearing.

Recently it was discovered that visiting the Italian version of Amazon you can find a preorder option for
“Fallout 4 VR – [PlayStation VR ready] – PlayStation 4”
put up by what appears to be the official Bethesda seller for Amazon.
the page can be found Here.

Additionally, Reddit user Crisp_47 discovered that in the GameStop catalogue, under the upcoming PSVR releases, Fallout 4 VR was included in this list.
Post can be found Here.

While GameStop hasn’t been a reliable source of information regarding unannounced releases, the timing of these two discoveries diminish the plausibility that they are both false as well as coincidental to each other. Though Bethesda have yet to formally make an announcement about Fallout 4 VR coming to PSVR. Personally, I have a difficult time believing that fallout 4 can achieve and maintain the necessary 60 frames per second requirement of all VR games, Though I remain hopeful to be proven wrong.

Weekly Update – June 2nd

Weekly Update
May 27th – June 2nd

where I bring you the last 7 days of video game news summed up

Archangel: Upcoming VR game
Ever wanted to fight a rebellion? What if you did that in a 6 story tall walking death machine? That’s what Archangel is. Releasing for PSVR 2 weeks before other VR systems, Its set to release this July. More information Here.
Twitch Plays The Stocks
TwitchPlays were a popular concept a few years ago, With TwitchPlays Pokemon and TwitchPlays Dark Souls. Now the next gimmick to try and revitalize the concept has risen. A programmer has set up and automated process for their Twitch chat to manipulate a stock profile. You can watch the stream (during regular trading hours) and read the rules of participation Here.

Sonic Mania Releases August
The upcoming Sonic game, Sonic Mania, announced a release date of August 15th of this year. Going back to their classic roots, this game appeals to many of their long time fans.
Overwatch Season 5
The 5th season of competitive play for Overwatch has launched. Get stretching, It’s time to work your way back to the top.

Ubisoft’s New Groove

Ubisoft has updated their logo from the swirly purple circle to a black and white outline of the same design. you can read more about it here.

Splatoon’s headset is awkward

An official gaming headset was announced for Splatoon 2 being produced by HORI. While the aesthetic is on par with the Splatoon style, the design is not. To hear game audio it has to be plugged in to the switch, of course. To hear voice chat however, it must be plugged into your mobile smartphone, running the Nintendo companion app. Its unclear why there is a hardware separation for voice chat, but its clear that they are dedicated to the idea.

Nintendo’s Online Service

Nintendo announced their plans for their online service, or more notably, of the cost. In 2018, for either 4 dollars a month, 8 dollars every 3 months, or 20 dollars a year, subscribers will have access to online play on switch games, voice chat features in their mobile app, and a collection of classic games. More details can be read here.


Need for Early Access: Paymore
A new Need for Speed game was announced by Namico Bandai. Need for Speed: Payback is coming to Xbox One on November 10th. You can play 8 days early with EA Access. An idea some may find disagreeable, but not surprising by EA.

Murkoff Report?
The Red Barrels, the Game Studio most well known for horror game Outlast has posted to their twitter linking to https://themurkoffreport.tumblr.com/
full of cryptic text and files. its not immediately clear what this is, speculation is on a DLC for Outlast 2.

Self Publication on Steam

Steam has announced a Direct Publication option for developers, for 100 dollars, indie studios can publish their own games. This might be a sign that greenlight will be weeded out in favor for this. Only time will tell.

Weekly Update – May 26

Weekly Update
May 20th – May 26th

where I bring you the last 7 days of video game news summed up

Blizzard Announces Overwatch Contenders

On Monday blizzard announced a new league program for Overwatch directed at the amateurs of the community. You can sign up for, and participate in, season 0 online. With a prize pool of 50,000 dollars, winners of that will also be brought to season 1, which will be an offline league with a prize pool of 100k. This stands to be an opportunity for some unknown talent to rise from the crowds. Sign ups, as well as more details can be found at overwatchcontenders.com
Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed
On Monday Rockstar Games made the announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be delayed until Spring 2018, instead of the originally planned Fall 2017. The reason being that they need more time, and do not want to release a game until its truly ready. more details, as well as some new screenshots of the upcoming title can be found at their website.
link to the announcement here

Layoffs at IO Interactive
IO interactive, best known as the developers for the Hitman series, has announced on their twitter that a number of employees will unfortunately be leaving the studio. It is presumed but not confirmed to be in relation to their recent separation to their owner/publisher, Square Enix. My sympathies go out to the developers. you can see the tweet in question Here.

Mario + Rabbit Kingdom Battle?

A leak appeared this week revealing artwork for a game titled “Mario + Rabbid Kingdom Battle”. Multiple sources have confirmed themselves that this was something they knew or suspected, but lacked evidence of. So while it isn’t confirmed, it certainly is looking legitimate.
A Wonderful Day in The Neighborhood
Twitch is hosting a marathon of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as a charity event for PBS stations. special systems are set up for donations. Whether your nostalgic, want some feel good teachings, or just support public television, I’d say this is worth checking out. It can be found at www.twitch.tv/misterrogers

Awesomenauts has gone Free To Play

Awesomenauts is a 2D side view platforming MOBA with a dramatically silly styling to it. And now its gone Free To Play. If you’re interested you can check it out on steam.
Nintendo Stock is doing great
Nintendo stock has been on the rise since the Switch release. having exceeded the spike that Pokemon GO made. Currently sitting at 31k, while it doesn’t compare to its highest ever (November 2007 at 70k), the last time they reached this high was over 7 years ago in April 2010. Good for them.

MagikarpJump for Mobile

Released on Thursday is a new Pokemon Mobile game called MagikarpJump. Where the player catches, trains, and takes care of their own magikarp in an effort to make it the best jumping fish around. It has a very tamadachi style, giving it things and decorating its room. Its out now for Android and iOS, details can be found here.
Witcher Card Game Went Open Beta
GWENT: The Witcher card game entered an open beta phase this thursday. A new card game centered in the Witcher universe, you can try it out yourself for free. visit this link for details.

Castlevania Anime coming to Netflix
A trailer was released showing off a new Anime style series for Castlevania. Which can be found on Netflix July 7th. I honestly am not sure if its a movie or episodic series.

FarCry 5 Announcement and Details

Throughout the entire week, Ubisoft was teasing about FarCry 5. Friday morning they gave the full details. Including a reveal trailer, a first look video, and a number of character videos. Most importantly that it has a release date of February 27th, 2018. The setting this time being a American country location, populated by a dominating religious group. Its a refreshing change of pace from the previous FarCry games, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. more details can be read at the Ubisoft blog post about it here.

Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch
It was announced that Monster Hunter XX would be releasing for Nintendo Switch. A fantasy setting game, where you (or your friends) use your skill and wits to take down monsters MUCH larger than yourself, in a style reminiscent of dark souls boss battles. The power combined with the portability of the switch makes this most recent Monster Hunter game sound very appealing.
Ultra Street Fighter II for Nintendo switch
The classic fighting game series has released a port of Ultra Street Fighter II for Nintendo switch. great news for anyone a fan of the series.

Titanfall DLC to launch next Tuesday
Titanfall 2’s upcoming DLC, Monarch’s Reign, Will launch May 3oth. Featuring new executions, remastered maps, a new titan, 2 new prime titans

Little Nightmares gets DLC
Little Nightmares, a recently popular narrative based game has announced the intention for DLC, titled Secrets of The Maw. The Maw being the ship that the game takes place. This may be an excellent way to resolve any questions their player base previously had. I actually did a review of a VR game made by the same company, you can check that out here.

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